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thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters!!!

A huge thank you to all the supporters, sponsors and attendees who helped make our 7th annual Second Harvest Fundraiser- Wig and Stache bash a massive success!

It is not too late, if you wish to still donate, please click the link below!


second harvest wig & stache bash 2018
total amount raised: $42,269.00!!!

Thank you!!!

Photos of wig & stache bash 2018

Photos By: Joanna Glezakos & Pawel Urbaniak

second harvest cabin fever 2017
TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED: $36,631.00!!!

thank you!!!

Photos of cabin fever 2017

Photos by: Ryan Sisourath

second harvest gala 2016
TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED: $31,027.00!!!

thank you!!!

Photos of the great gatsby gala 2016