GVE Online Education / by Avery Calder

When GVE contacted Straticom for a quick turn around on their freshly leased office space, the design team effectively facilitated the design intent and mandate for a speedy handoff. The main focus for this project was taking a holistic approach towards the GVE culture and brand; and having that shine. The main objective was to “give back to the staff” with more open space for meeting and collaboration. Right to light, allowing for all to gain access and enjoy working while natural light filters through the space. The new GVE workspace goes far beyond just a building with offices inside, but to promote productivity, work - life balance and innovation.  Merging of corporate cultures inspired and drove this design concept.  Creating an interactive playful interior, with modest natural textures and classic architectural lines, the design lends itself to the current generation but also speaks to the younger generation to come.