How we work

To effectively apply particular strengths and experiences to every project, we operate in specialized practice areas led by our accomplished practice leaders: 

Healthcare + Facility Solutions creates tailored design solutions for smaller and faster project scopes and specialty programs across multiple sectors. Delivering client value with their specialized experience, the Solutions team is dedicated to healthcare labs and clinics; commercial workplace projects less than 10,000 square feet; facility MAC projects, and landlord work such as preleases and common area renovations.  Solutions’ unique multiple site program experience includes bank branches, clinics, retail sites and small brand offices. 

Workplace Innovations translates business needs and corporate culture into engaging workspaces.  The Workplace team is made up of highly-talented right and left-brained designers who understand the relationship between function and design.  Whether a renovation project or new build, the team ensures success through carefully initiated research and meticulously detailed planning resulting in value driven solutions. Workplace Innovations defines and creates spaces large and small for companies in urban and suburban markets across North America.

Design Specialties  executes transformative workplace solutions, reshaping atypical sites into engaging spaces. Sustainably repurposing buildings with unique parameters into environments that invoke desirable employee and visitor experiences, we accentuate our client’s corporate culture and brand by creatively shaping existing architectural elements into cohesive interior and exterior designs. Experts in the complex conversion process of both urban and suburban multi-tenant sites and commercial warehouse facilities, our diverse experience includes building retrofits, new builds, flex buildings, stadiums and specialty brick & beam spaces. We rely on a learned understanding of mechanical, electrical and structural components to work around obstacles and create green solutions that give under-utilized buildings new life. 

Strategic Services delivers the insights necessary to help our clients make informed real estate and workplace decisions. Through ongoing research, project implementation experience and current knowledge of the market and industry trends, the Strategic team guides our clients on a path of discovery, leading to sound business choices. Engagement tools, culture-focused methodology and strong communications between staff and leadership are the foundation to our process, allowing clients to develop a consensus on corporate culture and a clear focus on goals and objectives for their facilities.

The Ottawa Design Studio integrates each of the practice areas into an emerging marketplace.  The studio is led by Marisa Arpaia who has over 15 fifteen years of corporate, public sector and healthcare experience and is fluent in both official languages. As a returning resident to the city, Marisa has a strong connection and familiarity with the culture and community.